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What is Pre Wedding Photography? Pre wedding photographers in Pune

Pre wedding photography is a moderately new trend arising in India. You may be familiar with engagement photography, where couples wear more casual clothes and have a beautiful photo session. In pre wedding photography usually the shoot is done few months before the wedding and most of the couples like to wear their wedding outfits for photoshoot. However, pre wedding photography allows couples to wear their beautiful wedding outfits, and pick their favorite poses and locations to save forever through photos.

Many couples will have the same pre wedding photographer as their wedding day photographer. This helps you to build harmony with the photographer and you will feel more at ease on your wedding day. Your photographer will also have the opportunity to learn about you and your partner, and how to work with you to catch the best possible and unforgettable pre-wedding moments. Although, it will remain a lifelong memory for  you and your life partner.

Difference between Pre Wedding  & Engagement Photography

Although the terms are often used vice versa, there is a minor difference between pre wedding and engagement photography. While both photo sessions are taken prior to the wedding, pre wedding photography sees the couples wearing their full wedding outfits. On the other hand, In Engagement photography, usually couples wearing clothes they would not wear on their wedding day. Widely, there are different sets of clothes for Engagement & Wedding. In Hindu religion, there are different types of Sarees, Lehengas or dresses are available for Engagements. Many couples like to use props and accessories to add to their photo.

Locations for Pre wedding photography

Every couple is different and will have their own idea of what they want for their photos, but here are some popular options we’ve seen over the years.

Beaches: Many people dream of a beach photo shoot, the blue skies and clear waters make for a perfect background in any photo.

Parks and Gardens: Many couples choose to take their pre wedding photos in spring when the blossoming flowers create a beautiful colorful backdrop. Spring is also one of the more comfortable seasons for wearing a wedding dress outside.

Buildings and Hotels: Historical buildings and hotels with strong architectural design give photos a classic feel. Hotel foyers, ballrooms, and grand staircases also make a stunning setting for pre wedding photos.

Tourist Hot Spots – Historical locations: Historical locations and tourist hot spots are popular settings for the many couples who decide to go overseas and do a destination photo shoot for their pre wedding photos.

Popular Locations in Pune for Pre wedding photography.

Popular Locations in Mumbai for Pre wedding photography.

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